Value Added

August 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

I got a call from a prospective client that I went out to see in Hinsdale. This house was a challenge, to say the least. The first floor, which the clients wanted to rework, was a layout mess, and looked like every renovation that this poor house had suffered through, was done in conjunction with the introduction of a new and different style of trim. They really wanted to redo their kitchen as a central focus and made the rest of this space more functional and usable.

The first move was to open the wall between the sunroom/dining room and living room. The clients wanted to transform the sunroom from a dining room into a living room, but with it’s narrow footprint and its walls all having windows or passageways, there was really no way to do that.  It does have less than optimal implications for the living room furniture, but, all told, it was worth it to open the plan and get more natural light into the living room.

Next up was addressing the kitchen area. Had to loose those triangular cabinets that were a complete waste of space, both in terms of storage, and the room, and worse, cut the kitchen off. Then we moved the wall that is shared with the dining room, and move the opening between them to the center of that wall. This allowed us to create a place for the refrigerator, get some aesthetic balance on that wall, with the kitchen cabinetry, and allow for enough central space for a healthy island (3’6” x 5’), which added a great deal to the flow of the space. With that, a banquette in front of the window allowed them to keep the space cohesive and give them some economical seating that they could use as a lounge area.

I was very excited about this plan as it transformed this awkward space into a plan with flow and accessibility.


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