Jason and the Visual Vernacular Theory

September 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

After I finishing my Masters in Madison, I had a cup of coffee in Milwaukee before I headed south to Chicago. While there, I met and became friendly with a great young artist named Jason Rolf, who now is in New York. Jason’s work always intrigued me. His use of imagery, often birds and masks, juxtaposed with his very graphic visual style and color choices keeps drawing me to his work. I love seeing his new work and love that I have a few Rholfs around the house.

I once saw Jason at a show of his, wearing a shirt that matched one of his paintings. When I asked him about it, he pointed out that often the colors people wear match the colors in their home. Expanding on that idea I developed my theory of what I call “visual vernacular”. This theory suggests that we all have colors and color schemes that we know and understand and are comfortable with, and those that we do not. Mostly stick to what we know and like. It’s not unlike speaking a language. I rarely see this proven wrong.

It was Jason


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