Beauty and the Beast

September 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Last night some great friends of ours invited us to join them at Stephanie Izard’s new restaurant, The Girl and the Goat. Izard was made famous by winning Top Chef. The food was amazing. Odd combinations, all great and much more accessible than their descriptions made them seem, try the pig face, really, but this is not a food blog. This is a design blog, so I wanted to offer some thoughts on the space, which is part of what you’re out for anyway.

Goat is located in a large warehouse feeling space in the West Loop. The palate is largely dark and grey and in keeping with a rich bold aesthetic 555 is known for. James Geier and his 555 crew designed the space and it offers a great compliment to the food. In his typical style, Geier had a few details that made the place really interesting.

The center of the space is divided by a large rectilinear volume of charcoal burned wood, with a big rectangular space taken out of it’s center, perfect for the large floral arrangement that became it’s ornamentation. At the back of the space, in front of the open kitchen, are a couple of large trestle tables. I love this because if you have a larger party you can enjoy the seating and feel like you are in the middle of the action, which you are. I also loved the use of materials, from the walnut tabletops to the exposed steel and wood beams to the reclaimed cast iron fireplace front that frames the bottles on the bar back.

Geier and Izard, a nice combo I bet we’ll be seeing more from.


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