Spend Money on Design not Energy

September 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

I love that the weather is turning. Have grown, in my old age, a bit more fearful of the eminent winter, but gotta love the fall. Love to get a break from the heat, turn off the AC and open the windows. I much prefer the window to the heat or AC options whenever possible. Not only do I prefer the breeze and clean(well…) air, but more and more I feel the slow drip of money leaving my bank account every minute we have the AC or heat on, and the expense to the environment to have a house system on consecutive 24 hour periods.

Enough of my belly aching. On to the solution, relative.

As I got further into construction/renovation work, I started to research ways to help the efficiency of a home. Everyone knows about CFLs, Compact FLorescence, and to caulk their windows, to seal the house envelope. Now we can also buy green energy through Blue Star and other suppliers of commercially available wind energy. Here is one of the secret weapons I have found that really works, the PowerSave 1200. Not very design-y or glamorous, but it really works, and will save you money to spend on the design-y and glamorous.

Please watch this video, 4 minutes could save you 10%-25% of your energy bill, and save energy usage.


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