I Know Why These Birdhouses Sing

September 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

My mother was amazing. We lost her a couple of years ago and she is sorely missed. We are, on the other hand, lucky to have had her for so long. We are also lucky that she left us some really great stuff. Not least of which is a collection of birdhouses that she made for us, Ali and me, for our engagement party. My mother was the kind of person who loved to entertain and would spend weeks working through a menu and weeks creating centerpieces and coordinating napkins rings and tablecloths. My brothers can attest, that is no exaggeration.

When Lucy, our second, was born, I was able to find a great home for the birdhouses. I bought some inexpensive metal shelving brackets from Home Depot, and painted them to match the color field on the wall and mounted the birdhouses on the brackets. The walls in her room were each painted in the style of Josef Albers, with receding squares. One lesson I learned in grad school, by way of art history classes as well as my studio studies, is that things that aren’t interesting become more so when there are a large number of them. Wasn’t an issue with the birdhouse, just informed my thinking about how to use and display them.


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