What a card

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As we get going on the holiday gift giving, we’ll be unwrapping paper and tossing boxes like mad.  Made me think of the materials we are plowing though.  Although we toss it aside, it’s worth noting that cardboard has great structural properties.  In 1969, Frank Gehry created a collection of cardboard pieces, a number of which have found their way into museums all over the world.

Makes you wonder what else we could be doing with the materials we no longer need, and which other materials have properties that we typically don’t appreciate.


New Math

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Craig Damrauer's New Math

From Left Field

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Yesterday, I got an interesting phone call from the Australian artist
Richard Blackwell.  He is having a show in Chicago in December and was
interested in finding a local contact to help him with some work.  Google is
working, I have to guess.
He does some very interesting work.  I love the architectural nature of his
pieces and the optical play that he so well employs.  I recommend hitting
his opening, 6-8 p.m. on December 10th, at EC Gallery, 215 North Aberdeen,
if you can.

Richard Blackwell's Redundant Formwork and Shuttle Debris

Richard Blackwell's Turn a Corner

Richard Blackwell's Stella

Richard Blackwell's Stella Detail

Richard Blackwell's Windy City

Richard Blackwell's State Street

Richard Blackwell's Metro

Richard Blackwell's Double Vision

Richard Blackwell's Rocks(flatscape)

More is More

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Last weekend, I was in Palm Beach for my cousin’s wedding. The ceremony and
reception were held at Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Club. The staff at this
over-the-top icon of opulence keeps these 20 acres perfectly manicured and
seem to tend to every detail. From the majestic foyer that greeted this
black tie party to the perfectly landscaped setting for the ceremony to the
crystal and gold gilded reception hall where dinner was held, it all spoke
to the fantasy of every 9 year old princess in our great land.

Mazel Tov Melissa and Ross!


Reception Hall


Flower Girls at Fountain on the Patio


Event Hall


8 Lights for 8 Nights

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Chanukah doesn’t start for another 3 weeks, but I find that every year it catches me off guard. Could be denial about winter. Anyway, not this year.

To that end, if you’re feeling like your menorah feels a little like it was styled back when they were hoping the oil would last for the eight days, here are some cool new ones that will make you feel like you are the coolest kid in your hebrew school class.

Josh Owen for Areaware

Yaakov Greenvurcel - Cylindrical Ever-Changing Menorah

Woman Menorah Jonathan Adler

Reddish Design Studio Menorah

Levels menorah by Yaacov Agam

Olive Branch Menorah by Michael Aram

Limited Edition Rivington Menorah by Stephanie Caplan

Relief Menorah jonathan adler

Giving Back

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Wednesday, I spent the afternoon in Evanston at “Boys Hope Girls Hope,” a privately funded, non-profit, multi-denominational organization that provides at-risk children with a stable home, high quality education, and the support they need to reach their full potential. Many of their children come from home environments marked by abuse, poverty or neglect. Others come from caring families unable to meet the child’s needs because of poverty, violence or dangerous neighborhoods.

Together with Brandy Rinehart, from Beverly Hammel Kitchen and Bath, I am working with Designs 4 Dignity, an organization committed to the transformation of non-profit spaces via pro-bono design services, to rework one of the homes. Mostly a decorative project, we will be transforming their first floor living and dining spaces and their office and study areas in the basement. Here are some before images.

Stay tuned…

Just Playing With Crayons

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Last night, SOFA Chicago opened at Navy Pier with a preview party.  This
year’s incarnation is an interesting show full of both great and mediocre
work from artist ranging from the very well known to the emerging. One thing
that struck me, especially as someone who 15 years ago felt more comfortable
in the “craft” world, is the great aesthetic distance between this sphere
and that of the “design” world.  Not to suggest that there is no overlap,
there certainly is, but this show speaks more to the relationship between
artist and material than artist and a more current aesthetic dialog.

This all said, there were a few artists that were amazing.  The highlight of
the show was Christian Faur‘s crayon pieces at Columbus Ohio’s Sherrie
.  He casts his own crayons and each piece is effectively a shallow
box full of crayons that he mounts to a wall.  They are striking in their
concept and their execution ties these pieces together beautifully.

Untitled 6500, Detail, by Christian Faur

Winds(Detail 1) by Christian Faur

Winds by Christian Fau

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