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December 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Couldn’t help myself. If you follow this blog, you’ve seen a number of artists. I feel that the fine arts are, for a number of reasons, integral to design work, and, more personally, to my thinking.  Recommended by my brother-in-law first, then in David Edelstein’s Best of 2010, we saw “Exit throught the Gift Shop” last weekend. As Edelstein puts it, this movie, ostensibly a documentary about a graffiti artist named Mr. Brainwash, “may or may not be a prank, but that doesn’t matter…As far as I’m concerned, Banksy can vandalize our movie screens anytime.”

There are a number of graffiti artists who are highlighted in the picture, and I thought I’d shine a light on a few. Here is some work from Shepard Fairey, made famous by way of the Obama “Hope” poster, was tagging long before, (theoretically) Thierry Guetta, aka Cyprian, aka Mister BrainWash, aka MBWSpace Invader, and Banksy.

"OBEY" Shepard Fairey



"Public Enemy" Shepard Fairey

"J Dila" Shepard Fairey

Mister BrainWash

Mister BrainWash

Mister BrainWash


Mister BrainWash

Mister BrainWash

Space Invader

Space Invader








Getting Punchy

December 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sometimes, punching through a wall changes the entire space. This condo proves that. We are at a point where we are knocking out the punch list and I though, as the kitchen is done, it might be fun to show off. This kitchen is chock full of Bosch appliances and we went with the Hanover maple cabinet doors with espresso finish from Wellborn Cabinet. The satin nickel Lewis Dolin pulls we got online from ww.myknobs.com and the faucet is the new just out Purist Kitchen Faucet from Kohler.

before: view from living room

before: straight view into kitchen

after:view from living room

after: view from in kitchen

Lewis Dolin pulls

Purist Kitchen Faucet by Kohler

Going Up?

December 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

The best thing about being busy is knowing you have work.  The worst thing? Not getting to the litany of things that keep piling up on my desk. Like posting some blogs. Next week I’ll have some images of new work I am finishing this week.

For now, thought I’d show off a couple of stair railings that I’ve done recently. Both were designed to be simple and modern, but not overly complicated of difficult to build.

getting painted, before glass installation

painted, but without glass

stairwell, before glass installation

steel and wood railing

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