More Your House Than Show House

April 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

If I waited any longer to get this next post up, I think my blogger license might be revoked.

Lately, by the grace of G*d, I’ve been getting a number of emails by way of the internet. Google searches that land people at my website and ultimately to me, just like the ads say. One such email has turned into an actual project. It’s not a large one, but I thought it might be interesting to offer a taste of how these things get going.

The clients have a fireplace, floating in the center of a wall, that they want to turn into something more attractive and functional —  the wall that is, not the fireplace. They wanted to have the TV exposed and AV equipment below. Also, they wanted floating shelves to display pictures and store books, you know the deal.

Part of my concept was to create a pair of built-ins that had enough unity to make the wall feel like the brick fireplace wall dropped in the middle of the built-in.

Another reason I wanted to show this project off is that this is certainly not the design-house of your standard home decor magazine. It’s a normal suburban house, with toys and kids and work papers and a toy horse and instruments and cookies, well, when I was there there were cookies. They aren’t looking for a show-house, they are looking to solve a problem and elevate one space.

Here is a photo of the existing condition, and 2 drawings of what I am proposing.

Fireplace Wall Before

Fireplace Wall Drawing

Fireplace Wall Drawing-3D


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